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        1. China Jingjia Valve (Group)  Co., Ltd.
          Hotline:+86-577-67987115  Email:sales@cn-jingjia.com     
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          船舶行業 企業廠礦 化工電力 建筑行業 安居工程
          Vessel industry Factories and mines Chemical power Construction industry Comfortable Housing Project
          >> Zhuhai Xiange Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          >> Dongguan Feng sea shipping company
          >> Jiangsu Wuxi refinery
          >> Guizhou Guiyang Power Plant
          Sales Hotline
          Add:Dong’ou Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
          Tel:+86-577-67987115  Fax:+86-577-67987118  Email:sales@cn-jingjia.com
          Release all :China Jingjia Valve (Group) Co., Ltd. Technical support :Global pump and valve trade [Manager]
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